Anna Chrapusta,MD PhD is a head of the Małopolska Burn and Art Center, Limants Replantation with the Hiperbaric Therapy Center of the L. Ryddygier Hospital in Krakow, vice-president of the Polish Burn Treatment Society and deputy editor of the scientific journal „Plastic Surgery and Burns”.

She has completed additional training in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Philadelphia, Wurtzburg and Stockholm. For 16 years she has been working in private health care, performing procedures in the field of plastic surgery, reconstruction and microsurgery of children and adults.

She has performed over 14,000 operations. Apart from typical plastic surgery procedures, she deals with the treatment of congenital hand defects and the effects of burns in children and adults. In the field of aesthetic surgery, she offers a full range of operations on the face, breast and abdominoplasty.

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